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At EIX Global, the wide spectrum of services ensures building the Perfect Solution for Information Management systems. With the right expertise and resources, we deliver the best to our clients no matter how challenging the project is.

Xpress reports (XR)

What gets measured, gets improved. With statistics and analytics at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about adoption and improvements to your digital content system, and effectively gauge user experience. Xpress Reports gives you the platform to connect it to your digital content systems, such as DAM, and generate reports and analytics.

Express Reports offers a fully embedded reporting and analytics platform that integrates seamlessly into your DAM interface and allows the administrator complete control on who receives viewing privileges. Out of the box, Express Reports caters to the base requests for Upload, Download, Search and Login. With those parameters it gives exportable PDF, print screen, or exportable column view reports. All column view reports are searchable and sortable and can be viewed in pie-chart formats as well. System administrators can leverage the information available in this platform and generate multiple reports based on the varying business needs and use-cases. EIX can also help in enhancing the product offering to include customized reports and analytics.

Xelerated  Manifest Processor (XMP)

What’s a migration exercise without a bulk import tool? Yup, not fun! EIX’s XMP helps customers to import bulk digital assets, and bulk edit, into a DAM platform along with the metadata that enriches the assets. Our XMP tool can be seamlessly integrated with a DAM platform to provide an alternative way of uploading or editing assets.

CC Connect

Designers don’t want to login to the DAM to get their assets? Yup, we hear ya! Spend more time creating and less switching between apps with our CC Connect. EIX’s CC Connect is a plugin that removes obstacles from your creative process by providing access to your creative assets, stored in your DAM, directly in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Xperience Platform (XP)

Imagine a world where you can serve up content to your external users or agencies, in a secure manner, with rights enabled, all the while delivering unique experiences to each group of those users. That is what the Xperience Platform delivers. XP is a unifying platform, built using emerging technologies and an integration enabled framework, that delivers an enhanced user experience. It provides a secure access to your internal or external, such as agencies, partners, etc. without the need to directly access your secure digital content system.

Simply put, XP is a tailored platform to serve assets, metadata, product information, analytics, etc. all on a single platform governed by security rules and authentication protocols set up by your administrators. All the while delivering a unique, responsive, and mobile-friendly experience to your users.

Workfront Connector

With the EIX Workfront Connector, Assets and associated metadata can be uploaded automatically from and to OTMM from and to Workfront from projects or tasks, allowing organizations to be much more efficient in managing content and cutting down on unnecessary manual work. Keep your WIP assets in Workflow and upload the final assets into DAM once you’re done. You can then use the final approved asset from Workfront for other editing and creative tasks.