About Us
We Are Your One-Stop Digital Solutions provider

We partner with our clients to develop and deliver digital solutions that enable a more connected, meaningful, and purposeful use of technology.

It’s About Trusted Relationships

Our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped  EIX Global become one of the largest and diverse providers of Enterprise Information and Experience Management (EIXM) services and solutions.

We serve a broad range of companies around the globe, varying in size, market, culture, and geography.

We truly partner with our clients, getting to know their company needs, processes, and systems in order to help achieve their objectives.  That commitment to our clients fosters long-term symbiotic relationships and tangible success.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values Guide All We Do.

EIX Global maintains a simple delivery philosophy: EIX is located around the world where our clients are today and where they need us to be tomorrow. Client needs drive where, how, and when we work.

Our Vision
Partnering to shape digital Xperiences by providing exceptional services and solutions
Our mission
We think services and solutions
We perform with excellence
We do this for ourselves and for our customers
We focus on creating value for all
We deliver
We are EIX
What we are best at

Our Values

Are the heart of our business
Are our valued partners
Excellence is our commitment
Trust & Responsibilities
Is core of all our relationships
To every client's success
That matters, for our clients and the world
Ethics and integrity are our foundation

Through years of consistent behavior guided by our core values, EIX has earned a reputation as an ethical company. We make decisions with fairness and honesty, holding ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of conduct..

EIX Global’s deep commitment to ethical behavior is evident in our code of conduct.. This code of conduct, coupled with our Core Values establish the EIX belief system:

Respect for the individual
We value and respect our team members, help develop their potential and grow as individuals, and partner with them in success.
Service to the customer
Service is at the heart of our ethos. Our customers’ needs and are at the forefront of our decision-making processes.
Excellence Is a Way of Life
In all that we do, lead with excellence and success will follow.
Good corporate citizenship
We accept our responsibility to respect individuals, the community and the environment; abide by laws and regulations; and adhere to highly ethical and professional standards.
We're global. And we're local.

EIX is located around the world where our clients are today and where they need us to be tomorrow. EIX has established and maintained a global network of corporate locations, team members, and partners who share common values and a commitment to customized service.

Our team members, guided by one vision, one set of core values, and dedicated to excellence, communicate seamlessly across geographic and disciplinary areas on a daily basis to create and deliver the best possible solutions service and solutions for our clients.

Our people

Meet Our leadership

Waqar Qureshi
arsalan siddiqui
dave gombert
Director of Business Solutions
gwenn qureshi
Director Finance & Administration
taimoor qureshi
regional VP
ryan parker
manager business solutions
naveed fakhr
lead Solutions engineer
usman qazi
Senior Manager Business Solutions
shahzad qureshi
project Manager
faraz khan
project Manager
asim kamal
project Manager