Software Engineering Services

EIX Global's workforce is comprised of highly experienced IT professionals who have been delivering system and application development solutions to clients for many years.  The core strength of our professionals lies in the ability to understand our client's unique requirements and transform them into a viable and cost effective solution.  Our professionals adhere to disciplined yet flexible methodologies, and can alter their work processes to suit the client's changing requirements.

While commercial software solutions continue to play a vital role in modern technology, our customers still call upon the EIX Global team of analysts, developers, engineers, architects, and project managers to develop custom software solutions, that can integrate seamlessly with commercial solutions, that improve their processes and promote business efficiency.

At EIX Global, we utilize Agile practices as a foundational cornerstone for the EIX Global development process.  Our methodology of Agile development and a hybrid project management philosophy integrates intelligent, proven software development and project management practices with unchallenged exceptional customer service.  We use this method to efficiently deliver high-quality, low-cost IT sourcing solutions that succeed through well defined statements of work and guaranteed service levels.

Whether you're looking to develop a custom business application to improve processes and data integrity, or a custom solution to fill critical gaps in commercial software, our team of professional has the experience and skills needed to architect and deliver the right solution, on-time, within budget, and exceed your business and security securely. 

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