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Partnering with our clients to make the world better
We work with clients, providing exceptional services that are catered specifically to their needs.  Take a look below at the vast markets we've served.
Public Administration

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity


In today’s customer-centric environment, managing digital media is an imperative

The U.S. media and entertainment (M&E) industry is a $703 billion market, which represents a third of the global industry, and is the largest M&E market worldwide.  The U.S. industry is expected to reach $804 billion by 2021, according to the Entertainment & Media Outlook by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

EIX Global specializes in OpenText™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions.  Serving as a centralized, secure and accessible repository - whether cloud-based or on-premises - to manage digital media, branding and video, DAM solutions help organizations achieve results.



EIX Global provides extensive program support to Defense Agencies,Federal,State, and Local Law Enforcement

EIX Globals' defense clients need their personnel, systems, and equipment to be functional, available, safe, and secure.  Our deep experience with advanced technology systems and our wide-ranging program support capabilities work together to make us a premier partner to defense and public service clients at locations around the world. 

With decades of experience in the Defense industry, employing veterans with both front line and executive experience - EIX Global provides clients with a full range of advanced technology services refined by our years of experience supporting both government and commercial clients.



EIX Global provides an extensive range of program support capabilities to defense agencies, federal, state, and local law enforcement

EIX Global has the ability to self-perform several critical aspects of telecom projects, while leveraging our global strategic partnerships to deliver highly scalable and secure solutions.  Our approach allows us to leverage specialized experience across our global network to provide the best resources for our clients and to share knowledge and access to local suppliers, contractors, and consultants to provide the best outcomes to our projects.

EIX Global is able to respond to today's overwhelming voice and data needs with services including site acquisition, needs assessment, infrastructure engineering, hosting and managed services, procurement, program and project management, operations and maintenance, and disaster recovery, network security and analysis, and penetration testing.



Leverage our global expertise to advance your time to delivery

Supply chain management affects manufacturing companies in a variety of ways, including the availability of inputs needed for production processes, costs and profitability of manufactured items, company infrastructure and ways in which companies interact with their suppliers and customers.


Whether you're looking to lower your manufacturing and distribution costs, direct sales and/or overhead, EIX Global has a talented staff of certified professionals, with world-wide experience assisting corporations and governments with our specialized services.  

Whether you're looking for lean expertise, implementation of ERP systems and integration with your customer chain, or looking to expand your marketing and customer outreach, EIX has the expertise and global network necessary to make your project a success.



From creation to consumption, today's Marketing and Sales departments requirement content rich collaboration and creative process solutions throughout the entire digital media supply chain.

With the need for better management to consolidate multiple repositories of valuable media and brand assets, EIX delivers industry leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions that support organization-wide strategies.


EIX Global offers end-to-end creative and media management solutions, from business analysis to understand your existing processes of content creation, campaigning, creative review, all the way through to distribution and reuse of assets. 

EIX Global specializes in OpenText™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to help Marketing and Sales professionals achieve a wide array of strategic goals and objectives.

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