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Cybersecurity & Engineering

In every organization in the world today, cybersecurity is at the forefront of concerns for executive leadership and management.  The ability to protect critical computer infrastructure, networks, and devices are among the highest priorities for the commercial sector, national security, and homeland defense. 

EIX Global supports development of enterprise resilience to ensure that operations continue during and after a cyber crisis.  EIX Global's cyber solution sets include predictive, proactive, and preventative strategic tools and methodologies to improve situational awareness and incident response for our clients.  


Specializing the protection of business assets and network boundaries, EIX Global serves the needs of cyber customers around the world cyber operations and compliance applicable laws.


From strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deployment of managed cloud services, EIX Global has the experience in both Commercial, Federal, and Department of Defense  (DoD) environments to help you stay ahead of cyber criminals.  Our cybersecurity services enable you to innovate without introducing risk, and mature your program over time. 

Risk Management

Comprehensive RMF services and staffing for any size organization

Analysis & Evaluation

Scanning services, documentation, and accreditation services

Operational Support

Operations Center and 24x7 Monitoring and Scanning Services

Cloud Security

Government, AWS, and Azure cloud architecture and managed security services

Incident Response

EIX offers a pragmatic, goal-based approach to incident response

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Social, Physical and Technology Pen Testing services

Managed Services

Wide array of fully managed services to include HBSS, Insider Threat, Continuous Monitoring and more

Forensic Services

Cyber Crime Investigation, Data Preservation, Data Collection & Recovery, & Expert Testimony

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